Stop Traffic Talk (702) 488-1127

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If you'd like to place an ad with us - please email us at [email protected] or call (702) 488 1127.  Ask for Ms. Williams

Advertising on the Radio Show is as follows:

Ad on the rotation of the show that appears during the broadcast, and all future podcast listens is $250 for six months of placement on one show.  This is for ads that are the size appearing on the left.


For business card size ads appearing during the broadcast, and all future podcast listens are $300.00 for six months of placement on the show.  


Our email list at the moment is at least 12,000 and growing.  We will blast your ad image to everyone on our list for an additional $100.  


If you wish to just blast your ad to everyone on our list - and not appear on the radio show - then that's $150.00.

If you'd like to appear on more than one radio show, you can take 40% off for the 2nd, and 3rd and each additional placement.  

If you would like a banner ad on the video of the radio show, that's $500 for the size ad above for six months on the video.   

If you'd like to appear on the video, and the radio versions - you take 40% off the radio show ad for placement.  

If you place an ad on the video show, then want to also be on the radio, and email blast - you can take 50% off. 

If you'd like to be on our facebook, twitter, vimeo, tumbler, and any of our social media - it's a one time $100 to be blasted on all social media.  This does not include placement on an email blast to our mailing list.  


If you'd like a banner ad placement on our website - it's $500 for a 30 day placement.  


SPECIAL RUNNING UNTIL JANUARY 1, 2015 - for $1,000 you get an ad on the audio, video, email, social media, etc. and everything we  got with either size display ad you'd like.  This includes a "live" spoken commercial during the broadcast of the show.  

Everyone who buys an ad with our radio and/or audio show, and/or social media and/or email blast - recieves a free listing ad in our magazine for one issue.  

Any ad insertion over $300 receives a free "live" 30 second commercial or "shout out" during the taping of the show.  If you'd just like a "live" commercial spoken by the host during the show - without a print ad - that's $200.  

All prices are for ads submitted "camera ready".  If you need help drafting an ad - that can be negotiated separately.  We do offer free basic camera design - but anything that takes more than 15 minutes of time will have to be negotiated separately.  


All ads and/or sponsorships are payable in advance.  Any technical errors will be repaired and the time credited - but not cash refunds are allowed. Anyone who places a radio show with us - will receive one years' subscription to our magazine free.