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Stop Traffic Talk

This program is to give a voice to all the survivors who would like to make their stories heard - but maybe don't want to appear on TV or in print.  Many survivors have had to build new identities with new names just to break free and stay safe.  


Stop Traffic Talk is to allow survivors and "whistle blowers" to speak out to others while remaining "anonymous".  You don't have to use your "real" name when calling in.  


Each week we try and feature information on a different program, resource, workshop, conference, and/or professional that is trying to (1) rescue victims of sex trafficking, and (2) is designed to help someone who has broken free to find recovery from what they've just went through - and help to adjust to a "new life".


We also want to educate you about any legislation that may be going on in your state  so that you can get involved and support it.  A page has been created for you to check on any politician, and any laws being written with respect to the sex industry and/or sex trafficking in the USA. 



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Stop Traffic Talk is produced by Trafficking & Prostitution Services.  You can reach them here at TAPS (702) 488 1127 anytime 24 Hours.  The phone is answered by a "survivor volunteer" so please try to call during reasonable hours unless it's an emergency.  If no one is available - you will reach a secured voice machine)