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0 Comments Chicago's Sex Workers Anonymous Meeting Survivor
Posted by sexworkrecovery on February 23, 2013 at 3:06 PM

Come hear  Brenda Myers-Powell, co-founder of Dreamcatchers in Chicago, Illinois speak out about how she found recovery in Sex Workers Anonymous 16 years ago

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0 Comments Nevada Legal Brothel Sex Trafficking Victim Speaks Out
Posted by sexworkrecovery on February 8, 2013 at 7:05 AM

This is an interview with a woman who experienced being a trafficking victim in a legal brothel in Nevada.  She speaks about how important it is for people coming out of the sex industry, whether trafficked or not, legal or not, to receive support services through a group like ours at Sex Workers Anonymous.

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0 Comments Lois Lee - Founder of Children of the Night Speaks
Posted by sexworkrecovery on February 8, 2013 at 5:46 AM

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Dr. Lois Lee is a pioneer in saving the helpless children who are victims of human sex trafficking, blazing the trail for academics, researchers, law enforcement, social service providers and legislators. She is the founder and president of Children of the Night, the first established and only comprehensive sex trafficking program in North America for America's sex trafficking victims forced into prostitution.

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0 Comments Male Sex Trafficking Survivor & Sex Worker Speaks
Posted by sexworkrecovery on February 8, 2013 at 3:59 AM

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Hear from a man about what it's like to be victimized as a child by not only a female pedophile - but also one who became his sex trafficker and forced him into sex work under the guise of "day care". This man explains how the damage and trauma because so severe he had no way to cope with life - other than to continue working in the sex industry as an adult with male and female "johns". Our survivor speaks about how Sex Workers Anonymous has helped him - being one of the only programs that offers support and assistance to male victims/survivors nationally.

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0 Comments Virginia Sex Trafficking Survivor Speaks
Posted by sexworkrecovery on February 8, 2013 at 3:47 AM

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Hear from a woman who tells us of being sexually abused by a relative when she was only three years old. How she got into stripping and then progressed into the darker more violent world of prostitution. After becoming a prostitute - she started using drugs. From there she tells about being forced at gunpoint to turn "tricks". A life where even her own "girlfriends" who were other prostitutes were selling her out to save their own skins.

This survivor just narrowly escaped a serial killer's grip - prostitutes being the favorite victim of these killer's because the police don't care about the prostitute victim's as much as when they're secretaries or soccer moms.

Listen as she tells how the police and the court system treated her like a criminal. Understand why these victims need "separate" programs to get out of what they've been trapped into and how they don't know how to escape and recover from without help.

Let this survivor tell you in her own words why better systems and treatment need to be made available to help not just these victims - but their children also.

She brings up a point one isn't hearing much - these victims are often mothers too. Whether you want to know about sex trafficking in Virginia - or all over the USA (because the pimps move the victims from state to state to stay ahead of the law) - this is the show for you.

This victim is interviewed by J. Williams, Founder of . .

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0 Comments Interview with a "Mob Daughter"
Posted by sexworkrecovery on February 8, 2013 at 3:35 AM

Amy Hanley, daughter of "mob hitman" Tom Hanley, speaks about her own mother being a trafficking victim maybe at the hand of Ted Binion. Amy speaks about how despite how strong her father was, he was not able to survive turning into a witness for the prosecution of other criminals. This is why the legislature needs to take the emphasis off of victim testimony when they're barely able to even find the treatment they need after escaping sex trafficking - and find another way to prosecute traffickers. Also why trafficking victims should receive treatment - not incarceration and shame.

Vegas Rag Doll: A True Story of Terror and Survival as a Mob Hitman's Wife

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